Limonene Chemical Compound For Cleaning

Limonene Chemical Compound For Cleaning

Limonene is originally a colourless liquid that is the main component in the peels of citrus fruits such as lemon or orange. It is a cause of fragrances of oranges and a flavouring agent in the manufacturing of food. Moreover, it is the best cleaner that is used in household cleaning products. It is also a significant part of many essential oils because it offers various properties. Like, its capability to neat the materials and cleansing internal body systems.

CitroClean is a heavy-duty cleaning product that contains natural extracts from the orange peel called “Limonene”. With other extracts like sugar cane and coconut. There are unlimited uses of limonene. (fragrance agent, degumming agent and a powerful cleaner).


Here we will take a look into its cleaning benefits

Uses Of Limonene Of As A Cleaning Agent

  1. Limonene is used as a degreaser with plastics, and it also cleans the hard surfaces of in house materials such as countertops of kitchen and floors of bathrooms. Whether you have to remove stains from the carpet or you have to clean the windows of your room, limonene has got you covered. It is not only a cleaning agent, but it also leaves a refreshing fragrance and smell after use. and it is a perfect pick for your interior cleaning projects. You can shine small electronic gadgets to mirrors and floors with limonene.
  2. In personal hygiene, limonene also plays a significant role. It is the main ingredient in water-free hand soaps. It can efficiently disinfect the hands, leaving a fresh fragrance. Plus, it is a part of toothpaste as well. It removes the stains from teeth enamel leaving behind a citrusy scent.
  3. It works great in the cleansing of heavy-duty objects like cars as well. Whether you have to make your car shine by removing tar, grease, and oil spots from it, or you want to make your wheels shine, it works fine with anything. The cleansing power of limonene doesn’t end here. It can also clean your garage tools and remove the oil stains from the cement floors, machinery and workbenches.
  4. Due to the insecticidal tendencies of limonene, you can also use it in your house and yards. It is a fantastic disinfectant as well.

    The cleaning benefits of limonene doesn’t end in domestic use. It is also utilised in the commercial spectrum as well because of its efficient abilities.
    In the commercial space,

  5. It is used for cleaning and degreasing engines of aircraft and automobiles by removing the oil build-up and grease stains. Whether you need to cleanse concrete floor, tiles, metal or graffiti on the wall, limonene is the best pick for you.

Some Bonus Features And Characteristics Of Limonene

  1. Environmentally safe and biodegradable
  2. It can clean all types of surfaces, be it metal, tiles or concrete floors.
  3. Its use is extended from household cleaning projects to do the cleaning in commercial space as well.
  4. It prevents the surfaces from getting corroded.
  5. Because of its extensive properties, it is widely used for cleaning hard surfaces and self-cleaning as well. It is used in soaps and toothpaste that leaves behind a fresh and citrusy fragrance after use.

The list of advantages and features of limonene is endless. Technology is advancing, and research is going further. New methods of using limonene are discovered daily. Because of its versatile properties, it is used for almost cleaning everything; and its uses are spreading rapidly. From cleaning heavy-duty objects to the usage of essential oils, the list is ongoing.

So we can say that maybe it is the only beginning of the endless benefits of limonene.

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