Slide UNIVERSAL COMPONENT PARTS CLEANER CitroClean is a heavy duty water based degreaser based on a blend of detergents, specialty solvents and corrosion inhibitors. HEAVY DUTY DEGREASER citroclean Slide CAR PARTS CLEANING BUNDLE Get the best result with CitroClean and CitroSonic. CitroSonic bath uses ultrasound waves to remove dirt from car parts. HEAVY DUTY DEGREASER AND ULTRASONIC BATH citriclean and citrosonic



CitroClean was developed specifically to clean and
degrease engine components as well as other hard surfaces such as floors and
walls. It is also suitable for the cleaning of taut liners on trucks as well as mag wheels of all types.
CitroClean is an universal cleaner manufactured using a blend of detergents, specifically solvents and corrosion inhibitors. The cleaner has a combination of corrosion inhibitors to enhance the safety of aluminium and galvanized surfaces.


Universal Component
Part Cleaner

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CitroClean contains a citrus solvent that enables it to clean any surfaces effectively while imparting a fresh orange fragrance during the cleaning process. Its ability to remove stains makes it an excellent choice for use at home or offices, residential or commercial cleaning services.





The fresh orange fragrance will leave the house or office smelling fresh after cleaning. Therefore, those seeking to eliminate stains from their surfaces and have a beautiful smell in their spaces can go for this multipurpose cleaning product.
CitroClean is used to eliminate stains on different items or surfaces. It is among the great cleaning products in the Australian market because it cleans thoroughly. CitroClean can remove grease stains, gum, oil, glue, and grass stains. It is essential to understand CitroClean uniqueness because, it has the best ingredients to increase the chances of removing stubborn stains without damaging the surfaces.



CitroClean is appropriate for all household cleaning purposes. Afterward, spray on stubborn stains when washing clothes, removing stains in a dark carpet and even pet urine. It is non-toxic and biodegradable and does the job better than other cleaners in the market. Finding the best suitable cleaner for your needs might be a challenging or confusing task due to the availability of multiple brands. CitroClean has the characteristics that you should consider to simplify your search for the best cleaning product.



Cleans and degreases all types of surfaces.

Safe on all surfaces.

Reduces the number of cleaning products.

Quick break detergent

Environmentally acceptable for triple Interceptors

User friendly to the operator

Contains corrosion inhibitors.

Contains a blend of citrus solvents.

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